...specialising in figurativ​e Art.    

'....for the human figure is intriguing, gratifying, voluptuous and romantic.' 

 Copyright. TM.  Lara Favretto

Favretto fine art offers original artworks specialising in the human figure. The artist has over 25 years experience across Australia, Italy & England with an 

Honors Degree in Visual Arts from The Australian National University, Institute of the Arts. 

In addition, Lara Favretto Andrade is Tertiary qualified in 

Graphic Design as well as Education. 

Her expertise & qualifications cover: 

Artistic applications across all mediums.

Education. Experience covering Curriculum in the Visual Arts & Languages

 in Australia, England & Italy.

Graphic Design & Advertising

Curating & Exhibition Management

Professional Consultations & Commissioned Artworks -  specialising in unique frescoes and murals.


The Artist comes from a heritage of renound artists and art critics across Australia and Italy 

(Milano, Torino & Venezia), such as Impressionist Venitian Artist, 

Giacomo Favretto August 11, 1849 – June 12, 1887.